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Youth Program (ages 7-9)

The Most Comprehensive, Age-specific Martial Arts Training Programs Designed Specifically for Children Ages 7 to 9!

Children between the ages of 7-9 that participate in positive activities, primarily related towards self development and self-improvement, tend to enter their teenage years with a more confident and enthusiastic outlook. Building skills physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially are important during these years, as they are the key areas where influence (good and bad) have the biggest impact. The problem is finding the right activity with the right environment to nourish these skills in an effective and productive manner. The solution is to get them involved in an activity such as martial arts, where positive development is enforced and encouraged each day.

Martial Arts that is Taught with Your Child’s Best Interest in Mind.

Have you ever felt that a sport was having more of a negative influence vs. positive influence on your child? Did you know that the internationally acclaimed Cadet Taekwondo Kidz programs have been endorsed by some of the leading child psychologists as one of the best activities a child can participate in today? It’s true and we’d like to offer you and exclusive opportunity to see for yourself why tens of thousands of children world wide have dramatically increase their positive attitude and behavior through these comprehensive age-specific martial arts programs.

The Taekwondo Kidz Prep Course Ages 7-9

This program was designed to target the skills that children this age are primarily developing. These skills include: concentration, courage, perseverance, intensity, speed, agility, technique, and flexibility. In the Cadet Taekwondo Kidz Prep Course, we target these skills and maximize the development results through age appropriate drills and teaching methods. This program is a must for 7 to 9-year olds!

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